Monday, 26 July 2010


Anna-Kaisa's done a brilliant job on reformatting A Life Less Lost and it's now been launched as an ebook on Smashwords! Thirteen people have so far downloaded sample pages so let's hope a few purchases will soon follow. My next project, with David's help will be to release it as an audio-book on the Podiobook website... Any thoughts about that idea would be gratefully received.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

An experiment

Six blurry weeks on and I'm looking forward to a possibly quieter August. Between reader's groups, house groups and writer's groups, visitors and social events, time has lost its elasticity. My new hobby ~ edible gardening ~ is helping me relax. The homegrown cougettes we had for tea last night were yummy.

My novel is out with readers and the feedback dribbling in is positive. Kate and Christina are meeting with me on Monday for the detail. Two new novel ideas are beginning to take shape.

I've come to the end of my speaking engagements, for the moment. The talk in Wilshaw was well received and I sold as many copies of Reflections of Holme as A Life Lest Lost. Holmfirth Parish Church are doing sterling work selling books to tourists and my future daughter-in-law is creating an e-book version, out soon hopefully.

The big experiment was to offer free 'Writing From Life' workshops at two small local bookshops. This was intended to bring people into the shops and spark interest in my book. Seven people turned up for the event in Orchard Bookshop, Denby Dale and all seemed to enjoy it. Only one came to Huddersfield Christian Bookshop, though. I'll need to do more of these in order to discover if it was not enough advertisement, the time/day or the venue. Only one book was sold because most of the people already had a copy! I'm sending out enquiries now for future events. All suggestions welcome.