Sunday, 31 January 2010

Radio interview

On Thursday, I was interviewed by Peter Spofford of East Leeds Community Radio for a programme on Belief. You can listen on the internet at .

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Upcoming events

Howard & I will be setting off on Monday for our epic journey. We fly to London, where we'll stay with family. I'll be speaking on the theme of 'Loss' to a group at Slough Baptist Church on Tuesday, then off to the States on Wed. First stop, Maryland to visit family and give talks on Thurs, Fri and Saturday!
We'll be ready for a week skiing at Winter Park, where I spent holidays as a child. From there we travel to Arizona, staying with my Dad and Lynda. They've arranged for me to speak to the Rio Verde Readers' Groups.
On to Texas to visit friends and speak at their local community centre. Last stop, Michigan where we'll be able to see lots more family and friends. A highlight will be my aunt & uncle's 60th wedding anniversary celebration!

My website is live

Ascensor have done me proud and created a lovely website to promote my book(s), talks and workshops (thanks Donna). Now I just need the time and a helpful techie to spread the word that it's there. Pop over and have a look, then let me know what you think.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ice Blue Sky

Sitting, with my laptop on my knee, I'm looking out at an ice blue sky. Snow, clean and curvy, smothers every surface. Our unusual white Christmas has continued for an unprecidented three weeks! Gorgeous to look at but problematical to travel in, even if only walking through the knee deep drifts or on the black ice spread across the cleared bits.

Our trip to the States will soon be upon us ~ will the weather cooperate with our intricate travel plans? With at least eight flights involved and committments in five different states, there's lots of potential for things to go wrong... But also lots of opportunities for meeting new people and spreading the word about A Life Less Lost.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A selection of reviews

[KB Walker] manages skilfully to get past all the surface religiosity to show what a relationship with God can look like in practical terms in a real and messy life. This is both a "good read" and a convincing testimony which cannot fail to provide consideration of how your faith works, everyday - and in crisis. Mary Jefferson, review sent to Magnet magazine

The anguish of a Mother finding that her son has cancer in his leg is graphically described in A Life Less Lost. KB Walker has expressed this by telling the story of her life, interspersed with the diagnosis and the many months of hospital visits thereafter. James is a teenager; he has to handle a lot of this trauma for himself, watched over by supportive family and friends who can do nothing to lessen the impact of what is happening to him. These chapters are hard to read, but you feel compelled to continue, empathising with all the people involved. Incredibly by the end of the book James has become a Doctor, but what an amazing and heart-rending journey! Not your average 'holiday' read, but I am so glad I took it with me. Reviewed by Mary Bartholomew for