Monday, 4 October 2010

Writers' groups

Last Friday, I gave a talk at the beautiful library in Cleckheaton on setting up a writers' group. It was well attended and we finished up by launching three new groups. One will meet on Friday afternoons, one Monday evenings and one at Birstal library on Wednesdays evenings. Please contact the libraries, if you are interested. And please contact me, if you'd like me to do a talk at your local library. In this economic climate libraries, like other services are fighting for their existence. We need to use them or lose them!

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  1. Mrs Walker, I must apologise, I was supposed to attend the event at Cleckheaton but couldn't due to being in hospital. and was gutted I missed it. Do you have any more details at all on the Cleckheaton group please? My email is

    Many thanks - Dan