Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Alison from the Laura Crane Trust wrote:

I took your book home over the weekend and picked it up casually on Sunday afternoon and read the prologue, at 11pm on Sunday evening I had read it from cover to cover. I was engrossed pausing only, rather annoyingly, to have to prepare Sunday Dinner for my family!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me much to think about. My family and I attend church every Sunday and my husband is completely committed to the Christian faith and he is part of a missionary team that give talks/sermons once a month. I struggle to be so committed and dip in and out with God (more out than in at present!). Reading about the events life has thrown at you over the years and the amazing strength and courage you show in this book and your commitment to your faith is inspiring, reading your different perceptions of bible passages and how you found hope from them when you could have easily turned against God in the circumstances and who could have blamed you?

On a professional level, when work is getting me down I will think about your book and about James’ struggles and hopefully it will remind me why I come to work every day and the good we are trying to do.

Hope you don’t mind me emailing you Kimm but I just wanted to say thank you for leaving a copy of your book in the office last week. I have passed it on and I hope lots of people enjoy reading it as much as I did.

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