Monday, 29 March 2010

Word of Google?

I had two comments regarding my last post. One which appeared to be in a far eastern script and one that suggested my books had sold by 'word of Google'. What a brilliant turn of phrase. Apparently, my post had turned up in his box under the guise of Christian bookshop. I'm way out of my depth with all this social networking. However, if it encourages folk to buy one of my books, bring it on. I feel like I'm hanging on to a kite's tail in a gale, blindfolded.

The radio interview on Saturday was great fun. I love the sense of community TwoValleysRadio and their sister station ELFM create.

Two events coming up in April. I'll be one of the guest authors in an Authors Bonanza held in Holmfirth Library on the 28th and will be speaking to the Mothers' Union on the 29th.