Saturday, 1 May 2010

Busy week!

The last week of April was a bit of a marathon. At the Holmfirth Writers' meeting on Monday night, we tidied up some business to do with our upcoming anthology ~ Reflections From Holme, which is very exciting. Afterwards we had a brilliant workshop led by Mary. She brought her puppets and challenged us to write Victorian moral fables in rhyme!

On Tuesday, I led a house group meeting on the fruits of the Spirit and how we might apply them to combating climate change and building our church for the future, another kind of challenge.

Wednesday night I was invited by Holmfirth Library to take part in a Local Author Bonanza. Amazing the variety of talent in our valley, from Roman toilets to memoir, it was a very interesting evening.

On Thursday night I gave a talk to the Mothers' Union at Holmfirth Parish Church. One woman told me my book had saved her life!! She just happened to be reading the section about MRIs when her doctor wanted her to have one. He didn't believe her when she told him she had a metal stent in her heart but knowing how important it was she insisted and was proved right.

Last night's badminton helped me run off all the tension of the week ready to see what May has in store.